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Clarus Christian Academy Central Coast is a private, Christian, Co-educational liberal arts school serving grades pre-K to 12 with a tradition of interdisciplinary study in the humanities, a global perspective, a focus on the arts and a strong commitment to involving students in developing their own intellectual, spiritual, ethical and social development.


Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Clarus. Here we seek to create a space where young people can explore the world and learn the things that will equip them to fulfill that individual purpose for which God created them, to communicate effectively, to live productively in society, and command an appreciation of culture and ideas.

To this end, Clarus offers an unusual mix of self-paced individualized skills learning, integrated cultural studies, arts workshops, and community-based learning. Students and faculty together build an education in the liberal arts and sciences with specific attention to creative process, critical thinking and examination of the questions most central to human existence. God's Greatest Blessings as you start your adventure!


- J. Scott Husted Ph.D.

Vision & Values
"Let Love Be The Law"

  • Show Kindness

  • Show Respect

  • Act Responsibly

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun


We are now in the development stage, and have assembled a pretty awesome development team. If you have experience or expertise to bring to the development project, contact us!

J. Scott Husted PhD

Education Developer

Dionne Husted

Jay Craddock

Education Developer

High School Teacher

Fran Ferrari

Community Laison




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