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Arts and integrated learning approaches make a big difference toward a quality education for every learner at Clarus. Using these methods our students tend to accelerate beyond grade levels and maintain an excitement for learning. Adding the talents, interests and resources from experiences accessed in the community completes a dynamic total learning involvement that provides an exceptional depth and breadth of learning for our students. We invite you and your children to come along with us!

Development Team

We have formed a Development Team to get Clarus Academy Central Coast on track. We need parents, professionals and concerned citizens to join us in order to make the connections, get the funding and build this thing right!

If you have resources, connections or know-how that you would like to offer, send us a message or give us a call.


phone: 707-714-9298

If you might be interested in joining the Development Team, send Scott a message or give him a call.


phone: 707-714-9298

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Supply List

Please scroll down to the appropriate list for the grade level of your student.

Then download and print!

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