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We at Priesthood Gear are dedicated to worship. We worship the King of the Universe with all of our hearts and all of our lives. That's why we have partnered with local communities to build houses of prayer in nine nations and counting.

We offer this collection of tools to all who desire to worship with the heart of David. Priesthood Gear is a service to those who worship the King of Kings -- and we give a portion of the proceeds of every sale to support house of prayer projects around the Pacific Rim.


So go ahead and assemble your own collection of worship tools from these pages, knowing that when you buy with us we earn as Amazon Associates. We earn to give! Your purchases here support worship and prayer among those who are in need of The One Who Makes Our Hearts Sing!

Priesthood Gear is a project of Ring of Fire Economic Development, a 501 (c)(3) subsidiary. We are building business with a purpose. Every sale supports economic development projects, also education, community development and humanitarian service; all among indigenous people groups around the Pacific Rim. Shop, buy or invest -- all to benefit the tribal people we serve.

Find out more about us and what we do with our Family of Organizations!


Through the Veil – Humanitarian Service

                Pacific Hope – Outreach Projects

                Pacific Gates Education – Education Projects

                Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer – Prayer Communities


Ring of Fire Economic Development – Economic Development Projects

                Priesthood Gear – Prayer and Worship Tools

                Bibliography Press – An Online Bookstore

                Philanthropia – Shop for Good

                Ring of Fire Resorts – Hospitality and Tribal Development

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