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Welcome to Ring of Fire Economic Development


Ring of Fire Economic Development is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven economic solutions.


We are building business with a purpose. Every effort supports development projects in education, community and humanitarian service among indigenous people groups around the Pacific Rim.




We are pursuing a two-pronged approach: We help local people build business enterprises among their own tribal groups to benefit families, communities and the local economy. We also build social business enterprises in developed economies, reaching out to first-world customers, in order to help fund ongoing  development projects. We currently have small venture projects up and running in textile design, publishing, product design, apparel, media and marketing. The internet is a central component to all of these efforts. These initial projects form a nucleus around which we hope to launch other exciting ventures. So shop, buy or invest in ventures in California, Canada, South Korea, Fiji, India, Thailand and Myanmar -- with many more partners in exciting markets coming onboard -- all to benefit the tribal people we serve.


Ring of Fire Economic Development is part of a network of allied groups. We actively seek out partner groups in the local areas where we work, alongside our sister organizations Pacific Hope, Pacific Gates Education, and Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer. We would like to thank Through the Veil, our nonprofit parent organization, for continuing to carry the vision that started it all.

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