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Featured Project

Priest Ranch

This project is a House of Prayer Center with House of Prayer facilities, education programs, local humanitarian outreach and economic development projects. These functions are wrapped in and supported by a California wine country mixed agri-tourism destination center nestled in the mountains of the Central Coast. We are building a community that offers opportunity for hope and transformation in fertile economic, spiritual and social ground.

The Hacienda at Priest Ranch

The Hacienda at Priest Ranch houses a reception area with check-in for 50 hotel-style rooms and 25 luxury cottages. These hospitality facilities anchor a mixed-use master-planned community including organic farming, produce market, coffee house, restaurants, shopping and arts, conference facilities and more.

Profit Potential

The potential net profit for the hospitality facilities hovers around 3 mil. USD per year at 50% occupancy. Occupancy rates for the region sit upwards of 70%. The annual target net profits are conservatively 3 to 5 mil. This does not include other planned income streams such as vineyards, olive orchards, organic farming and village shops and services. A project of this scope will pay well and enable us to invest in our many other projects in tribal areas of the Pacific Rim.

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