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Books By J. Scott Husted

These books are the works of J. Scott Husted. Together they form a basis for understanding a vision of the workings of the Kingdom of God on earth. Through forms as diverse as education, the House of Prayer, or our own private lives, they convey a conception of the Kingdom as something that pervades, structures and rules everything we do, and everything we are.  

The Seven Spirits of God

This work represents the rediscovery of an ancient pattern that God has given to his people in order to build His Kingdom on earth. This pattern can be found throughout the Bible. The scripture shows that the Hebrew writers of Old and New Testaments thought, wrote, and lived according to this pattern. We can see that they considered this pattern as foundational to planting, building and living out God’s Kingdom here on Earth.


As we recognize the pattern of the Kingdom and begin to understand its elements, we can begin to use it to structure every effort pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Indeed, the scripture urges us: “Build everything according to... More >

The Establishment

This is a book about the workings of an establishment that God is doing in these last days. Prophesied from ancient times, the establishment is going on in communities across the globe. As centers for intercession, as centers for evangelism, and as strategic bases for mercy and justice, God is founding Houses of Prayer all across the earth:... More >

Beyond the Education Machine

Human beings are complex organisms and as such no one-size-fits-all educational approach will ever be truly effective for the majority of students. Many educational theorists have identified this cookie-cutter approach as the “factory model” of education.


Business and manufacturing have developed more effective and flexible methods, but our schools have remained essentially static for over one hundred years. This factory model is the universal standard for what is considered... More >

Postcards From the Deeper Life

This book is a book of fragments from another time. It is a book of deep wisdom. It is a treasure map. It is a guidebook to the deeper spiritual life.


This book is about the One Thing that is the most valuable possession in the universe: deep and intimate fellowship with God Himself – which is an instantaneous work in us, but also a delicious and delicate process... More >

The Redemption ~ a Passover Haggadah

The Passover Seder is one of the mysteries of the ages, told in a mosaic of story and symbolic foods. This book is a Haggadah.


A Haggadah is the Jewish text that sets out the order of the ceremony of the Passover Seder. The word "Haggadah" is Hebrew for "telling". Reading through the Haggadah is a fulfillment of the scriptural commandment to "tell your son" about the Jewish liberation from slavery in Egypt... More >

A Journey to Asia


With spare text and glorious images, this book gives the viewer a glimpse of a journey into the mysterious land of Korea. Valuable as a look at an exotic place, but also for the fact that it is presented through the eyes of a westerner who lives in the land and with its people. This collection of images is a delectable and provacative look into a culture vanishing into the oblivion of modern westernization.... More >

Silent Cry ~ a hidden page in Asian history


This book chronicles a walk through one of the least known and most horrific chapters in 20th Century history. During WWII the Japanese enslaved thousands of Asian, mostly Korean, young women as sexual captives to serve Japanese troops.... More >

A Walk in Insadong


A tantalizing walk through one of the historic districts in Seoul, Korea. The history and vibrant culture virtually jump off the page through the photographic viewfinder of an American living in amongst the people.... More >

A Walk in Dong-Myo


Dong-Myo is the setting of the vast Seoul Flea Market. Full of everything imaginable from Asian antiques to designer handbags, Dong-Myo is a feast for the eyes, and a delight among the great flea markets of the world.... More >

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