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Pacific Gates University Press

Pacific Gates University Press is our new division of teaching and learning resources dedicated to furthering thinking and conversation around topics as diverse as best practices in Education, approaches to Practical Ministry, and the nature of the Kingdom of God. These resources are produced by Pacific Gates Education, for use in Colleges, Bible Schools and Ministry Training settings. These are fascinating resources presenting varying, often provocative, yet noteworthy perspectives. Enjoy!   

The Blood Covenant Bride


"Is our faith a unilateral contract to acquire a free ticket to heaven, or is it a two-way blood covenant between us and our savior... a commitment unto death?"


So begins the first essay in this book, a collection of essays by Gavin Finley, MD. These writings are prophetic. They do not follow conventional wisdom, nor do they stand with the status quo. What the writing of Gavin Finley will do is shake up... More >

Building With Living Stones

The writing of Logan Allen is insightful, and informed by years of experience. What's more, Mr. Allen holds an abiding love for the Bride of Christ throughout the world, holding out hope that she can still grasp what she is here on the earth to accomplish!


Building With Living Stones is a compilation of essays by Logan Allen on the topic of Leadership in the Kingdom of God. This book is prophetic in character, yet... More >

When Pigs Fly ~ learning English with American idioms


What Is an Idiom? An idiom is a commonly used term or phrase that is funny or surprising because it doesn't seem to mean quite what it is saying. An idiom is a little like a metaphor. It's not literally true, but presents a good picture or comparison that is striking and makes us think.


You'll improve your vocabulary and enjoyment of the English language with this book. Learning and using idioms is a fun way to add interest and depth... More >

Beyond the Education Machine

Human beings are complex organisms and as such no one-size-fits-all educational approach will ever be truly effective for the majority of students. Many educational theorists have identified this cookie-cutter approach as the “factory model” of education.


Business and manufacturing have developed more effective and flexible methods, but our schools have remained essentially static for over one hundred years. This factory model is the universal standard... More >

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