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Ring of Fire Economic Development

Economic Development

Ring of Fire Economic Development is our new social business division. We currently have projects up and running in textile design, publishing, product design, apparel, and marketing. These initial projects form a nucleus around which we hope to launch other exciting ventures. On the drawing boards we have a coffee and tea importer with local retail outlets, an online bookstore with futuristic local print-on-demand retail shops, a chain of high-end restaurants with an exotic tribal theme, and a series of boutique resorts set among our development partners in exciting adventure locations.


The best part is that we are doing business with a purpose. Currently all proceeds go directly to outreach and house of prayer projects. As profits grow, a significant percentage of every venture is slated to support  development projects investing in education, community and humanitarian service among indigenous people groups around the ring of fire. So shop, buy or invest in ventures in California, Canada, South Korea, Fiji, India, Thailand and Myanmar -- with many more partners in exciting markets coming onboard.


We are pressing forward today with economic development projects among marginalized tribal peoples around the Pacific Rim. Join us!




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Focusing on Development in the following areas:
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