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Ring of Fire House of Prayer Communities


Ring of Fire is dedicated to establishing the Kingdom of God in the Earth. We do this through several different avenues:


  • We plant houses of prayer to bring a physical expression of the Kingdom to a region.

  • We host the training needed to bring a practical expression of the Kingdom to a community.

  • We teach internationally to bring a personal heart expression of the Kingdom into individual lives.

  • Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer is a subsidiary of Through the Veil, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization registered in the U.S.

Community Building

Establishing the Kingdom of God

Core Values Development

Vision Development

Strategy Development

Prayer Training

Caring for Community Needs

Spiritual Growth

Leadership Training


Focusing on Development Issues in the following areas:
Fields of Expertise:


Community Development


Social Services

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Vision, Values and Strategy Consulting

Event Coordination

Spiritual Empowerment

Prayer Leadership

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