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Pacific Hope NGO Outreach


Pacific Hope is a subsidiary of Through the Veil, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization registered in the U.S. We have worked for 13 years doing development projects among indigenous people groups. We have sent teachers, supported local community initiatives, headed up training events, all among at-risk groups in California, Canada, Africa, Eastern Europe, Korea, Fiji, India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia.


We are pressing forward today with social and economic development projects among tribal peoples around the Pacific Rim.

Fields of Expertise:


Community Development


Social Services

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Hospitality Industry

Business Development

Computer & Technology

Spiritual Empowerment


Focusing on Development Issues in the following areas:



Disaster Relief

Community Building

Economic Improvement

Bringing Hope

Caring for Community Needs

Serving Children and Families

Drilling Wells

Agricultural Development

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