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Welcome to Pacific Hope

Educational, Social, and Community Development among Tribal Peoples around the Pacific Rim.

Pacific Hope is a nonprofit 501(c)3 subsidiary registered in the U.S. We have worked for 20 years in community, education and benevolent work among indigenous people groups around the Pacific Rim. Pacific Hope brings help, encouragement and new opportunity to marginalized peoples. We have developed local community initiatives, education programs,  training and more. We have partnered with orphan homes, schools, tribal outreach and more; all among at-risk groups in Korea, Fiji, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, the Philippines, California and Canada.

We are pressing forward, spearheading innovative community, social and education development opportunities for local people around the Pacific Rim.

Palaung children
Fiji 2011 II 018
Fiji 2011 II 584
Social Development Projects
Economic Development Projects

Pacific Hope is part of a network of allied groups. We actively seek out partner groups in the local areas where we work, alongside our sister organizations Pacific Gates Education, Ring of Fire Economic Development, and Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer. We would like to thank Through the Veil, our nonprofit parent organization, for continuing to carry the vision.

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