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Projects: Thailand

In Thailand we work with Pastors Yadah and Jitrwadee Komdhet who head up Recovered Glorious Life Ministries. Yadah and Wadee, along with a dynamic community team, opearate a church outside Pattaya, one of the prostitution capitols of the world. They minister to women, children, youth, single mothers and families seeking to escape the grip of debilitating poverty. RGLM also goes out into the rural areas of Thailand, bringing outreach to tribal villages.


In partnership with Pacific Hope, RGLM has carried the fire of the deeper life in Christ to other churches through conferences and seminars, connecting a network of vibrant ministries throughout the country.


Right now RGLM is preparing to build a church and outreach center in a country where fewer than 10% of the population is Christian. They also have a vision to begin a training school in their new facility, but they badly need the funds to begin the building phase. Please support our work in Thailand by praying and giving!


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