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Projects: Fiji

In Fiji Semisi Naqica is our Regional Director. There Pacific Hope works with two different tribal groups and a handful of churches. By the sea near Nadi Town, we are working to establish a ministry center. Up on Mount Tomanivi we are working with the local tribe to establish a prayer center in the Village of Nadala.


For more about the Tomanivi Center go to:


Semisi is a long-term missionary among his people, and among the Inuit in far Northern Canada. He and his wife Gela divide their time between Fiji and the Arctic working to plant community outreach centers in tribal areas. Together Semisi and Gela bring teams to tribal areas to conduct Healing of the Land ministry.


For more on the Healing of the Land process, go to: Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer/Healing of the Land.




Please pray and give toward the work of Pacific Hope in Fiji!



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