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Your support enables us to make a difference in countless lives.

Your support heals.

Your support feeds.

Your support gives faith, hope, and love.


Your support is a necessary help to a child's education, to a woman without hope, to young people in Burma, to villages in Fiji, South India, Cambodia, to Native American Outreaches, and much more.


Every dollar is a seed, and every seed makes a difference! Thank you for sowing, serving, and praying. For those who cannot thank you--we thank you.

To Sponsor a Child, write down the child's name. Then click the I Want to Give button on this page. Follow the steps with Paypal including the name of the child, donating $40.00 for your first month or $456.00 for a year. Set up the monthly or yearly recurring donation option on Paypal, and you have set up the sponsorship. Then send us a message with your email address, the child's name, and an indication that you have set up the sponsorship. After confirmation, we will send you the information for the child including photos! You have just given a child a new chance in life!

Donate Now!