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Projects: South India

In India we work with Pastor Victor Raj in Coimbatore. Pastor Raj was stricken with our House of Prayer sessions on a trip to Korea, and was filled with a fire to bring the power of God back to his people.


So Pastor Raj went back to the Coimbatore Church of God and began a House of Prayer session that has blossomed into a mobile House of Prayer. Every week the House of Prayer moves among the Christian, Hindu and the Muslim neighborhoods of the city.


The Coimbatore House of Prayer has bought a small plot of land and hopes to build a permanent home, while they also go out into the surrounding rural areas, bringing outreach to tribal villages.

In partnership with Pacific Hope, Pastor Raj and his team has carried the fire of the deeper life in Christ to the youth of the city through a Bible school which is building a network of vibrant young ministers throughout the country.

Right now the Coimbatore House of Prayer is preparing to build a House of Prayer and outreach center in a country experiencing increasing persecution for their Christian faith.  They need the funds to purchase the remaining land and begin the building phase. Please support our work in South India by praying and giving!

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