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Reach toward your destiny and change the world
"Formed in the spirit of dynamic personal growth, social justice and intellectual transformation."

Pacific Gates brings quality education among students who need it most. We have trained teachers and built schools for at-risk students around the world. Pacific Gates schools are a worldwide community of private, Christian schools with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. All of the Pacific Gates International schools carry a tradition of Christian values, interdisciplinary study in the humanities, a global perspective, a focus on the Arts, and a strong commitment to involving students in fostering their own intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development.


Curriculum is flexible and responsive to the needs and contexts of  learners. The knowledge students bring from their home cultures are a part of, and often the starting point, for the curriculum. In addition, the immediate environment is often used as a rich resource for extending learning in the classroom.




Pacific Gates is a nonprofit service organization dedicated to projects that bring quality education to those who most need it around the Pacific Rim. We are also a network of private Christian schools and training programs. All of the Pacific Gates schools carry a tradition of Christian values, interdisciplinary study, a global perspective, a focus on the Arts, and a strong commitment to involving students in fostering their own intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development.



The Pacific Gates Education community is consciously oriented to the intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and social development of students. Its small campus and intimate class size fosters close human and intellectual relationships among faculty and students. Within this learning community students are challenged to think critically and creatively, to interact democratically and cooperatively, and to listen and communicate effectively. Independent study, classroom studies, community involvement, arts workshops, work-study, and internships give students opportunities to experiment with different roles and to experience growing competence.




Founded in 1996 by a handful of professionals working to provide a deeply meaningful, quality education for at-risk students, Pacific Gates Education set out to build a school that would embody these educational ideals: a love of truth and the life of the mind, avenues to finding who we are as human beings and the ability to express it, and a deep respect for the dignity and worth of every person.


From one school in 1996 we have grown to a community of schools spanning the globe. Pacific Gates schools continue in California, Canada, and South Korea. Future projects include schools in Fiji, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and beyond.



We began with Clarus Academy in Santa Rosa, California. Still in operation, Clarus serves a select number of students with a broad spectrum of learning needs. Next we were invited to establish a training program for young adults in Kelowna, Canada. Two years later we were called to found an American-style private school in South Korea. We are now embarking on the most challenging and exciting phase of our ambitious development: bringing quality education to indigenous groups in Fiji, India, Myanmar and beyond. 



Pacific Gates Education is committed to serve marginalized indigenous people groups in need of education opportunities, with a special focus on village groups around the Pacific Rim. Conceived as part of a cooperative alliance including sister organizations Pacific Hope, offering social and economic development, Ring of Fire House of Prayer Communities, a Christian faith-based community, and Ring of Fire Economic Development projects, together we are positioned at the vanguard of what will be the next level of success in education, practical training and outreach. We are in process on a center in the mountainous central tribal area of Fiji, have established regular sessions in South India, are pursuing programs in South Korea, have plans underway in Myanmar, and are partnering with local people in Cambodia.

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