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Projects in the United States



Announcing Clarus Academy Central Coast: a New Education Alternative on the Central Coast of California!  -- We are excited to offer a high quality Clarus education in Santa Maria. Planning is currently underway with classes starting in January 2022. Go to the website for more details.

Clarus Academy Northern California -- This is the school that founded the Clarus philosophy and experience. Begun in Santa Rosa in 1998, it was a turning point in the lives of teachers, parents and students. Still successfully operating today, it was the impetus for the formation of Pacific Gates Education internationally. For more details get the book, Beyond the Education Machine.

Big Heart Christian School, a Clarus school in South Korea -- We were called in 2005 to travel to Bundang, South Korea to start a Clarus school for Korean kids. Go to the website for more details.

More International Projects



Under our parent organization, Through the Veil, we have been pursuing education projects for 25 years. These projects build education opportunity for people in 10 nations who need it most around the world.


Sending Teachers -- Pacific Gates has sent teachers into service positions in impoverished areas of the U.S., Eastern Europe, Africa, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.


Teacher Training -- We have trained hundreds of teachers for classroom service who have then been deployed into teaching positions around the world.


Building Schools -- Our first school project was Clarus Academy, serving low income and special needs students in Santa Rosa, California. Next we branched out into training programs for young adults in Canada, the U.S., and South Korea. We were then invited to help establish BHCS, an English-language private Christian school in South Korea. Building on the success of these schools we are now working with local partners to build children's schools, Bible training institutes and adult training programs in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India and beyond. 


Trafficking Awareness -- Pacific Gates Education offers trafficking awareness classes for children at risk. We have adopted a curriculum that brings the issue to children in a safe, supportive and informative way, building awareness and personal safety skills in even the youngest students. We offer teacher training in several countries along with access to the curriculum, or we can bring in a teacher to present the material in a safe and loving way. 


Ethnic Scholars -- We offer support to ethnic tribal scholars who have a drive to improve the situation among their people. These scholars become linguists, researchers, social service delivery specialists, pastors, outreach ministers and more in order to bring these skills back to their tribal areas. We help promising young native scholars apply for higher degree programs in top universities; we offer personal or academic help as needed; and then we partner in the work that they build among their own people. This is an exciting and cutting-edge new outreach method, and we are delighted to be used in the pioneering of this new approach . 


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