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Q. Are there Fall admissions?

A. YES! For Fall, submit application materials by July 29 to start in September.


Q. Are there Spring admissions?

A. YES! For Spring, submit application materials by January 29 to start in March.


Q. Is the purpose of the interview to evaluate the applicant’s biblical knowledge?

A. No, not at all. The interview is to evaluate a student's purpose, motivation and experience: in short, to ensure that Pacific Gates is a good choice. It is also an interactive chance for us to evaluate a student's communication abilities.


Q. What are the required documents for application?

A. Complete the General Application, the Personal Statement and the Privacy Form. Also give copies of the reference Form to be filled out by two references. Then send everything to us! 


Q. What if a reference letter from my senior pastor is not possible?

A. We want a reference from your personal pastor who knows you well. If the Senior Pastor is not available, ask another Pastor who knows you and your spiritual walk.


Q. What if my academic advisor or professor is unavailable, or ten or more years have passed after graduation?

A. Ask any professor, teacher or mentor who has worked with you, who knows you, and who can evaluate your personal strengths. Clearly indicate your relationship in the application.


Q. What if the reference is unable to use English?

A. Please ask the reference to complete the form in his or her native language, then get a translation made into English. Include both copies together in a sealed, signed envelope.


Q. I have an official transcript issued two years ago. Can I use it for application?

A. It is fine to use if it is in its officially sealed envelope.


Q. Is Pacific Gates accredited?

A. While pursuing full accreditation, our programs are provisionally accredited by the Southern Accreditation Association of Christian Schools and Colleges, the American Association of Theological Institutions, the American Accrediting Education Association of Christian Schools, and the Association of Christian Schools International.


Q. Can I transfer credits achieved in another college, university or seminary?

A. Incoming students who have studied at recognized institutions may have their previous work accepted for transfer. Students are eligible to transfer coursework for which they received a grade of B- or greater. Submit official transcripts for analysis.


Q. What is the central feature of Pacific Gates?

A. The central feature of Pacific Gates is an excellent education with a distinctively Christian point of view -- with the purpose of preparing students to build the Kingdom of God in every sphere of life.


Q. Is the school affiliated with any denomination?

A. Pacific Gates works with Korean Presbyterian churches, Baptist churches in several countries, charismatic churches, and many independent churches and missions around the world. We are affiliated with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).


Q. Can I be ordained through Pacific Gates?

A. There are several programs at Pacific Gates which could lead to ordination.


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