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We at Pacific Gates look forward to meeting you!


We are a private, nonprofit, independent Christian school. We have a small campus and maintain small class sizes, offering optimal learning with close working relationships among students and faculty. We are committed to your child's learning and growth into capable men and women, equipped to become leaders in society.


We center everything we do in the power of the Presence and the Word of God. Students are taught to look for as many opportunities as possible to cultivate a richer and deeper relationship with God and understanding of their own place in the universe; to develop insight into countries, societies, and eras besides their own; to build proficiency in Biblical knowledge; to discover the nature of ethical and moral choice; and expanded knowledge of the world around them.


We hope you have a vibrant and exciting time at Clarus Academy. Under God's direction, you will step into your destiny!

To take the next steps, follow the link to Clarus Academy Central Coast.

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