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Worship. Intercession. Revelation.



Ring of Fire is dedicated to establishing the Kingdom of God in the Earth. We do this through several different avenues:

  • We plant houses of prayer to bring a physical expression of the Kingdom to a region.

  • We promote education and establish schools to bring a practical expression of the Kingdom to a community.

  • We minister internationally to bring a personal, heart expression of the Kingdom into individual lives.

Our Mission


We have been opened and radically changed by a revelation of the overwhelming and passionate love of God. Our hearts have responded to this revolution of love in worship, intercession and revelation. We share together the light of the word and the Spirit expressed through music, dance, painting, writing, prayer, and many other expressions. We have begun to live out a vision of the House of Prayer that has taken us to many nations around the Pacific Rim...



Ring of Fire is a subsidiary of Through the Veil, a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in the U.S. We work alongside Pacific Hope and Pacific Gates, our sister organizations dedicated to  humanitarian outreach and education, in the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Fiji, South India, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Visit Us


In Korea we partner with Heaven's Gate Church in Yongin, Gwangju Saram Church in Geyonggi Gwangju, and Haeundai Church in Busan. Look out for the house of prayer style session on Tuesday Nights in Gwangju!


In Sonoma County, California, we work with Vertical Call in Santa Rosa, Gualala Baptist on the coast, and Metro Church in Windsor.


In Kelowna, BC Canada, we work with Be a Hero and New Life Church in Kelowna, B.C.


In Fiji we work with Gateway

Church in Nadi, Eden Covenant in Sonasali, also Healing of the Land Ministries in Suva.


Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer is part of a network of allied groups. We actively seek out partner groups in the local areas where we work, alongside our sister organizations Pacific Hope, Pacific Gates Education, and Ring of Fire Economic Development. We would like to thank Through the Veil, our nonprofit parent organization, for continuing to carry the vision.

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