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Come join us! We give our lives pursuing the building of the Kingdom of God in three main areas:
House of Prayer

With Ring of Fire House of Prayer Communities we work with Heaven's Gate Church in Yongin, Korea to support their Tuesday night gathering.


In Canada we work with Kelowna House of Prayer and New Life Church in Kelowna, B.C. Come to the Thursday night session!


In Seoul we have helped to build K1 House of Prayer, now in Hongdae. Come to the Tuesday or Thursday night sessions!


In Santa Rosa, California we work with The Father's House. Check with Vertical Call for scheduling.


In Coimbatore, India, we work with Coimbatore Church of God. Meet us at their Thursday night worship and prayer!


In Lashio, Myanmar, come to the Free Worship night at Lashio Assemblies of God Church!


In Preah Vihear Cambodia we work with Refuge New Hope Church and their house of prayer sessions with the orphans!


With Pacific Gates Education In Santa Rosa, California we worked to establish Clarus Academy as a full-time Christian day school. Now in a different format, we still recommend it highly! Contact Lori Pelton for more info.


In Canada we started the House of Prayer Training School at New Life Church in Kelowna, B.C.


In Korea we built BHCS, a full-time Christian day school in JukJeon.


In Fiji we are working with the Navitini tribe in Nadarivatu and Eden Covenant Church in Nadi to build our biggest dream yet -- a House of Prayer/ Education/ NGO Center called Ring of Fire, putting together everything we do to serve indigenous tribal people.



With Pacific Hope In Korea we partner with Heaven's Gate Church in Yongin, Gwangju Saram Church in Geyonggi Gwangju, and Haeundai Church in Busan. Look out for the house of prayer style session on Tuesday Nights in Gwangju!


In Fiji we work with Gateway Church in Nadi, Eden Covenant in Sonasali, also Healing of the Land Ministries in Suva.


In North Shan State, Myanmar we work with many churches in Lashio, and have established a ministry house in Namhsan.


In Sonoma County, California, we work with Vertical Call in Santa Rosa, Gualala Baptist on the coast, and Metro Church in Windsor.


In Kelowna, BC Canada, we work with Be a Hero and New Life Church in Kelowna, B.C.


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