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Semisi Naquica and The Healing of the Land

The Healing of the land process is based on 2 Chronicles 7:14. It involves humbling ourselves before God, Praying, seeking his face and turning away from our wicked ways. The promise is that He will Hear from Heaven, forgive our sins and He will Heal our land.

This is a process that we must walk through. We repent before God for our sins and the sins of our forefathers. We also repent for the sins that we've done to others. This is a key: reconciling to God and to others. The main arrears that we are addressing in repentance are things that have defiled us and have defiled the land. These things have brought curses and consequential judgment to come on our community, on our nation and on the land. The main points we cover are: Idolatry, breaking of covenant, shedding of innocent blood, immorality and removing of ancient boundaries. There are other violations against the people and the land, but these are just  main points that we try to get to, while we let the Holy Spirit reveal other specifics through the process. Another major area is repenting of our fallen stewardship of the land, especially toward indigenous tribal people of the land -- they are the gatekeepers. We normally walk out the strands of foundational teaching of the word and times of repentance together. This part of the process usually lasts one to two weeks. At the end of the teaching and repentance process we perform a series of ceremonial and prophetic acts where the people and the land are covenanted back to God. This part of the process involves basics like observing local protocol, acts of unity, engaging in corporate prayer and honoring gatekeepers.

We have groups of believers and communities in Fiji, among the Inuit of Northern Canada and Papua New Guinea that are already doing the Healing of the Land process in their communities, and they are seeing breakthrough and transformation in their communities. I think it will be wise to connect with them also and some of them might want to be a part of new peoples and nations, since they are already doing it.

When working on a process like this on a national level we can set a team or an elder's council to walk with a council of national leaders who will walk through the process on behalf of the nation. The council of national leaders should include any interested elected leaders, spiritual leaders and gatekeepers from the different tribes, like in Papua New Guinea. The Healing of the Land Elders council should include any Healing of the Land leaders that are already in the country, Healing of the Land ministry staff from Fiji, and we [The writer and other Ring of Fire Ministry Staff] can come in as facilitators coming alongside. We will want to include Intercessors from the nation or people group and Pastors and ministry leaders. It is a cooperative process, not so much involving individual ministry. If this request is coming from the national leaders, it must and it will involve the whole nation.

The book of Jonah comes to me as I am typing this. Just as the King of Nineveh heard the word of God to his nation, he responded. He humbled himself and repented -- and he called the whole nation to humble themselves (so it's on a national level). Also the intercessors and spiritual mappers to bring issues that the Nation needs to be repented of. I believe Papua New Guinea, in particular, is ready for National Healing and Transformation! This is their Kairos time to arise and shine! They've cried out to God for years! God is Hearing them!! It can be done! We can help facilitate and put things together. 

In a bigger picture I see it as David preparing to bring back the Ark to his Nation Israel. The first thing he did was he went and gathered the elders of the all the tribes (this shows that the work is on a corporate, National level). He prepared the priests in consecration, humility, repentance etc. He prepared the Nation for the Ark of God's presence to come. [This ark of God's presence represents the permanent establishment of this work that we, the Ring of Fire ministry team would like to do by establishing a House of Prayer Center in the land after the Healing of the Land process is complete.]

As a final example of the process, one of the sins that David dealt with was the sin of the Gibeonites. David inquired from God, and God showed him that it was because of Saul -- even though Saul had already died. The point was that the sin against the people and the land followed the next generation; the sin of their Fathers followed them. When David followed God's direction the sin was dealt with, and rain began to fall in the land. The rain broke a long drought that had oppressed the whole nation. This is a real story of God's blessings when the sins of the fathers are dealt with. The Question before all of us is what are our own sins, and the sins of our Fathers that will hinder the ark of God's presence to be established in our midst? When the Ark of God's presence comes to any community or a Nation, it results in Transfomation and Healing. The leaders of any nation, after humility, seeking God's face and repentance, MUST invite God (the establishment of His presence, the ark) back to their Nation as gatekeepers of their Nations. Gatekeepers open the gates for the King of Kings to come to their Nation. Jesus comes when He is invited. There is so much more to share. The final word is, it can be done and we can put things together for the nation and walk out the process alongside their people!

Semisi Naqica,

International Director of Healing of the Land Ministry and

National Director of Pacific Hope Fiji/Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer


J. Scott Husted Ph.D.,

Founder and Director, Through the Veil ~

International Director, Pacific Hope International ~

Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer ~

Pacific Gates Education ~

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